Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life & business strategist.

“I invested in Beyond Imagination because its CEO, team, technology, and vision are extraordinary.”

“ With the completion of Beomni 1.0, Beyond Imagination have exceeded my expectations, and each month they continue to exponentially accelerate toward a commercial product line that will transform the quality of healthcare globally.”

“ I will continue to support Beyond Imagination enthusiastically, and look forward to spreading the word of their first robotics & AI product platform – Beyond Whole Health clinics.”


“Beomni will be one of the next giant productivity boosters for businesses around the world.”

“Dr. Kloor’s vision shatters conventional ideas of when and where we work. It redefines the formula for work-life balance and will enable people everywhere to reach their full potential. It’s a game-changer.”

Dr. Peter Diamandis

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis is an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space. He is a three-time bestselling author and public speaker.

“Beyond Imagination’s Robotic and AI platform reinvents how we will live our lives. “


The Beomni Robot with its AI Brain trained by a human pilot gives each of us the ability to work anywhere, instantly.”


“Beyond Imagination dramatically changes the paradigm of how companies will provide services in the future, how and where you will receive healthcare, where you work and play.”


“Beomni will enable us to interact with our loved ones and friends remotely and improve our overall quality of life. Beomni is truly an exponential technology.”


“Harry Kloor and Ray Kurzweil are two of the smartest visionaries in the exponential world. Their combined genius and vision is leading to the creation of a new generation of Humanoid Robotics. “


“The Beomni platform will soon bring the long-awaited future of robotic workers into reality. “


Kurzweil’s ability to predict the future is unparalleled with a 86% accuracy, I agree with Ray’s prediction that Beyond Imagination will be a dominant global player in the humanoid robotics & AI industry.”


“ Harry is a brilliant CEO, driven by his vision and passion with the right combination of leadership, inventiveness, tenacity, and vision to force reality to his will in order to bring world-changing products to market.”

Dean Kamen

Super Inventor, with over 1000 patents, CEO and Founder of DEKA, creator of Segway.

“Life is so short. Don’t waste a single day of it doing something that doesn’t matter, that doesn’t try to achieve something big, something amazing. Harry embraced that line of reasoning when he launched Beyond Imagination, and with Beomni and its AI brain has truly created something extraordinary, something that will come to market in a big way.”

 “We’re excited to see Beyond’s progress accelerating this year and expect it to continue toward commercialization.”

“ We will continue our enthusiastic support of Beyond Imagination as we have since its inception.”

Raymond Kurzweil

Best-selling author, pioneering inventor, and futurist. He is currently Director of Google Engineering.

“Harry has an unparalleled ability to gather the top talent and resources and collaborations and liaisons with other organizations that are needed to lead a company such as Beyond Imagination.”


“Harry not only has the leadership skills, but the imagination, inventiveness, and entrepreneurial skills to finally bring us fully functional humanoid robots to market, and do so at scale. Nobody else can accomplish this the way Harry does. That’s why I’m involved with this company, as founder, officer, investor, and inventor.”


“I was really blown away by Beomni 1.0, the progress has been Amazing, far more than I expected, and far more than anyone else has ever done.”




“We have never seen a humanoid robot like Beomni do these kinds of things before. Companies like Toyota, Honda, and Boston Dynamics have spent billions to create robots that can walk and dance, but can’t perform a single useful task.”



“Beomni can already do an unlimited number of tasks, and it will get exponentially faster and be able to evolve its AI Brain from human operator with AI assist to semi-autonomous then fully autonomous functionality far faster than you expect.”



“We are entering a period where we can have a humanoid robot do all the things that humans can do but with far greater skill, without danger, and without getting humans to a specific location.”


“Beyond Imagination is basically leading us into and past the last frontier of information technology, to our ability to actually be together and work together remotely. That’s the biggest limitation I have, in trying to be in many different places at once.”



“I’ve been thinking about the future and making predictions for decades, anticipating a little technology called the Internet, for example, because I saw the ARPANET growing exponentially in the early 80s. And in my view, Beyond Imagination and its technology of humanoids with evolving AI brains, enabling you to transcend locality, to work remotely, is another one of those emerging trillion-dollar applications and industries.”

Dr. Robert Hariri, M.D., Ph.D.

Surgeon, biomedical scientist, serial entrepreneur Founder and CEO Celularity, Inc., one of the world’s leading human cellular therapeutics companies.

“Robots like Beomni can play a critical role in improving the scale, quality and economics of the manufacturing of cellular and biomaterial products.”


“Beomni and its platform will be a key solution to increase the productivity and reliability of bio-manufacturing.”


“I also passionately believe in Beyond Remobilization — a combination of Beomni and its AI Platform, with advanced control systems, that will enable even severely disabled people to live fully and more dignified lives.”

Robots in Bio Medical lab

Dr. David Wensel

Chief Medical Officer at TRU Community Care. His expertise is in hospice, palliative care, home health, and PACE.

“Every day, personnel shortages negatively influence my medical practice. With the Beomni platform, it will be possible to deliver better care, more quickly, to more locations, enabling our practice to more efficiently serve our patients.”


 “With the increasing shortage of homecare services available, Beyond’s technology will allow frail seniors to live more independently and safely in the community for a longer time.”


 I believe in Beyond’s robotic technology because it will allow our practice to be more cost-effective, deliver better healthcare faster, and most importantly improve the quality of life for all of our patients”

Dr. Babak Kateb

Neuroscientist and Chairman of the Board of Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) with more than 20 years of research experience, focusing on the introduction of advanced diagnostics and therapeutics into clinical neuroscience.

“Dr. Harry Kloor’s keynote on Beomni and its AI platform was very well received by leading scientists and policymakers at the 8th Annual Neuroscience20/N20 part of the G20 summit (October 2021). It is clear to all of us that Beyonds AI-Brain and Robotic systems such as Beomni will provide critical care for patients with disabilities, allow robots to do precision guided laboratory testing and examinations otherwise too dangerous and full of errors for humans, and enable complex tasks to be done in a very precise, effective, timely and costly approach even during pandemics and 24/7.”


“In 2019, SBMT awarded Dr. Kloor for his pioneering leadership in robotics and AI with its Golden Axon award and we are committed to ensure that Beyond Imagination will be deployed in hospitals, clinics, hospices, child and elderly care platform; we believe this is a new frontier on AI-Brain-robotic precision medicine and investment in this area will disrupt $16T costs to the world economies”


Sir Richard Taylor

Founder, creative director and head of New Zealand film prop and special effects company Weta Workshop.

 “What Beyond Imagination has achieved over the past year – and in the middle of a global pandemic – is nothing short of amazing.”

“Not only is the Beomni platform clearly positioned to play a major role in the types of location based entertainment projects we love to create, (due to its superior dexterity, AI assisting capabilities and advanced tele-operation systems), but it is also utterly charming as a robot in its own right.”

“With its distinct design aesthetic coupled with a wonderfully sharp yet fun appearance – the Beomni robot promises to be a much loved, memorable and engaging character that will charm, entertain and assist people the world over.”

“Our team of animatronic engineers, designers and fabricators are excited with the prospect of teaming up with Dr. Harry Kloor, Michael David Ward, William Fisher, and the Beomni crew with the hope of creating state-of-the-art location-based entertainment experiences through the collaboration of our two teams.”