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Beyond Imagination (BE) is reinventing the world’s workforce, creating a future where everyone can have a prosperous, healthy, productive, happy life. A world where every individual has access to great services, high-paying jobs, and excellent health care. A world where distance is no longer an obstacle.

About Beyond Imagination

BEYOND IMAGINATION uses AI and robotics to create numerous configurations of general-purpose humanoid robots. Our robots are capable of human-like interaction with objects, can be remotely controlled using manual or virtual reality interfaces, and are equipped with a cloud-based “AI Brain” capable of autonomous behavior based on cross learning, data processing, and continuous functionality upgrades. The AI Brain has multiple AI engine “lobes” which, like the lobes of a human brain, each specialize in a particular skill or class of skills.

Our revenue plan is based on a combination of hardware sales, licensing of intellectual property (the AI Brain), usage fees for our cloud-based platform, sales of specialized apps, maintenance contracts, and revenue sharing on the “gig economy” created by our platform.

  • Date of formation: October 2, 2017
  • Corporate Structure: C-Corp (Delaware)
  • Main research lab in Colorado Springs
  • Two previous funding rounds were completed. Currently in our Seed 2 round. 
  • First pilot study completed, with second slated for February 2022.
  • Exhibiting at CES 2022 in conjunction with Zero-G, January 5th through the 7th in booth 9227, Tech East, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Beyond Imagination, Inc. is primed to succeed because: 

  • Our approach to design is based on anthropomorphism and grounded in the reality of solid engineering
  • Our robots can do unlimited tasks, just like humans, and are exceptionally easy to use
  • Our products evolve and improve with use as they add more capabilities to the AI Brain

Our Founders are a “who’s who” of leaders and innovators. Dr. Harry Kloor co-founded the company with experts including:

  • Ray Kurzweil and Neil Jacobstein (AI)
  • Dean Kamen (robotics)
  • Dr. Robert Hariri (bio-manufacturing)
  • Tony Robbins (entrepreneurship)
  • Paul Jacobs, Anousheh Ansari, and Andrew Nikou

Our executive team has decades of experience in technology entrepreneurship:

  • Our CEO is a brilliant visionary, inventor, and entrepreneur, Dr. Harry Kloor, Ph.D., Ph.D., whose life’s mission has been to create a more equitable and prosperous world through Beomni
  • Executives William Fisher and John Best are each experts in their respective fields. Fisher and Best have each run successful technology businesses for decades as well as being brilliant software and hardware developers in their own right.
  • We have recently added to this stellar team Stewart Coulter, former CTO of DEKA, who led the development of the DEKA iBot and LUKE ARM.
  • Jim Gianopulos, former Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox, has also joined the team as Strategic Business Officer.
  • One of our top business advisors is Rony Abovitz, founder of MAKO Surgical Corp., a company manufacturing surgical robotic arm assistance platforms, and then of Augmented Reality company Magic Leap, where he served as CEO from 2010 to 2021 and raised several billion dollars in funding.

Our Medical Advisory Board consists of active doctors and leaders in the field of medical innovation and therapies. Its lead members include Dr. David Wensel, Dr. Babak Kateb, Dr. Dan Sipple, Dr. Erik Viirre, and Dr. Robert Hariri. These professionals are working actively with us to direct our efforts toward the most desirable markets and to arrange on-site pilot studies, two of which are already under way.

We are choosing to enter the marketplace with two healthcare solutions – Beyond Whole Health and Beyond Remobilization. Each solution has the potential to generate tens of thousands of unit sales and to generate significant recurring revenue.

These solutions address a huge market need to deliver more convenient, higher quality, more holistic medical solutions that will ultimately lower healthcare costs and improve continuity of care. 


Healthcare is one of our first target markets, but we are pursuing others as well. We can save more lives by placing Beomni in schools, using them to do all the dangerous work and dirty jobs. We can deploy them on the Moon to build moonbases and in the blazing sun of agricultural fields. They can make their way into manufacturing and logistics. And, yes, I want to have one in every home, so that you can have any service instantly brought to you, so that you can instantly go anywhere, and so the AI Brain can evolve to make Beomni the robot friend and butler so many of us have dreamed of having. 


Sincerely, Dr. Harry Kloor, PH.D, PH.D, CEO and Founder of Beyond Imagination

For information about our most recent activities, please visit our media page.

Beyond Imagination FAQ

Dr. Kloor observes that “since I was a small boy, people have been predicting that robots are the future, that our AI-driven robotic butler is just around the corner. Yet, decade after decade, I watched with disappointment as this prediction never became reality. Sure, over the past few decades we have seen companies like Toyota, Honda, and Boston Dynamics create walking spectacles, robots that can even dance and do parkour. But for all their antics, they can’t perform a single useful task and are really just billion-dollar vanity pieces with limited AI and limited practical use. They are a big disappointment to the public and to their investors. But does this mean we have been lied to? No, I don’t think so. It just means that the right company, with the right vision and the right technology, has not come along to tackle the problem. Until now. Beyond Imagination is that company, and we come up with the formula for commercial success, by focusing on not just building a humanoid robot, but an entire hardware and software platform to create market solutions.”

Dr. Kloor had the honor to work with Steven Jobs during his Next Computer years, and admired his brilliance at solving problems that people didn’t even know they had. Jobs also had the team and vision to create entire product ecosystems. He didn’t just make a smartphone; he created an operating system and app store that leveraged and amplified one another. Today, people can’t imagine life without their phones. In an analogous fashion, we built Beomni, a robotic humanoid with an AI brain that evolves via commercial human operation. We are also building a platform (operating system) that not only connects you to the robot, but will serve as a service portal, a marketplace for renting and purchasing robots, and an app store that will provide endless plugins. Like Apple, hardware and apps won’t just be from us, but from any developer. And our platform will serve as AirBnB for robots rentals and sales, not just from us, but from anyone.

Our go-to-market approach is like that of Tesla rather than Google’s Waymo. We are choosing to come to market rapidly by having our robot operated by human pilots, allowing the AI Brain to learn from that commercial use. Over time, this AI Brain will evolve and grow to fully assist the human, then become semi-autonomous, and finally become autonomous on a task by task basis. And autonomy for us is far easier than for a vehicle, as Tesla’s recent experiences demonstrate. 

Years ago, AT&T had this great slogan, “Reach out and touch someone.” The commercials illustrated how telecommunication enabled families to stay closer, that it was not just about talking but making a real human connection. But imagine if you could reach out and actually touch someone – if you could interact physically across any distance. You would be able to erase the limitations of locality. Instead of just talking and seeing people, you could interact physically with people, places, and things anywhere in the world. No longer would people be limited to the jobs, healthcare, and opportunities near them; the entire world opens up to them. With such ability, you can solve most of the world’s problems, because people are ultimately the solution to problems. There is enough technology and money in the world, but often not a person locally to make a difference. Work completely changes, as do healthcare and personal relationships. Voice and video have created trillions in revenue every year. Imagine the economic impact of physically interacting anywhere.

Our human brains have several lobes. At a gross level, each lobe has different functions. In a similar way, we are creating an AI brain, with AI components or sub-components that handle various functions like object recognition, audio, and natural speech recognition, path planning, motion, and haptic control. In addition, we have an experiential four-stage process built around machine learning combined with the concrete data gathered from physical operation of the robot or its digital twin. Over time, on a function-by-function basis, the AI grasps tasks like picking up and opening a bottle or stacking items. Unlike an autonomous car, Beomni doesn’t need to know how to do all tasks and can learn one by one. The closest a car can do is to perform the task of self-parking, which is hardly its primary purpose.

Automated robotic arms are commonplace in manufacturing, but humans still have to do the most complicated parts of the work, since some tasks are too complex or require adaptability. For automation, the robotic arm is simply going through a pre-planned motion path over and over again. If the holes that it expects to screw a bolt in are off by even a small amount, it will shut down or fail to hit the hole. Robots that are autonomous can recognize objects and sounds and adapt, so if the hole is 5 inches to the left they can find it and screw in the bolt. In fact, if the bolt is missing, they can go in search of it, find it and bring it back to finish the job. Of course, other senses can be built-in, including touch.

Our Leadership

Dr. Harry Kloor

CEO, CCO, President, Founder

John Best


Bill Fisher


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We are continuously looking to raise capital and identify active business partners to bring our amazing ideas to life. Feel free to contact us here or via email at We look forward to telling you more about democratizing healthcare, expanding into space, and increasing opportunities, prosperity, and freedom for all humanity.

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