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This page describes style guidelines, logo requirements, terminology, and other key elements that will be required by writers, producers, bloggers and others wishing to communicate with the public about products and services of Beyond Imagination, Inc.


Please review these guidelines carefully. Questions may be directed to

Formal Company Name

Beyond Imagination, Inc.

Company Abbreviations

Beyond –or– BE

Formal Product Name


Company Logo

Full version downloadable at:

Product Logo

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Official Web Site

Beomni™ is a trademark of Beyond Imagination, Inc. Use of the formal “™” symbol is only required upon first use of the mark or in acknowledgements.


After first use of the full formal company name, it may be abbreviated in subsequent references as either “Beyond” or “BE” (preferred over “BI”).


Include acknowledgement of the company’s ownership of its marks in the credit notice section of your post, document or advertisement. Example: “Beomni™ is a trademark of Beyond Imagination, Inc.”.

Terms of Use

Thank you for your interest in Beyond Imagination, Inc. (BE). BE grants you non-transferable, limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, revocable permission to use the Company Marks solely in connection with the company’s current public appearances, Web site content and other publicly released materials. You agree to use the Company Marks in accordance with these guidelines.


By using any Company Marks, you are acknowledging that BE is the sole owner of the Company Marks and agreeing not to interfere with BE’s rights in the marks, including challenging BE’s use, registration of, or application to register such marks.  You agree that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any Company Marks and that the goodwill, if any, derived from your use of any Company Marks exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to BE.

Relationship to Products or Services

In publications, advertising and other collateral materials, you may not imply that your product, service or organization is endorsed by, approved by or partnered with BE except as provided in a specific, prior written agreement. You may not imply that you or your organization is employed by or contracted with BE except as provided in a specific, prior written agreement.


Under no circumstances should you imply that you are an agent of BE or authorized to enter into business arrangements on behalf of the company, except as provided in a specific, prior written agreement.


Note that if you are a licensee of a Company Mark, the license agreement that you signed with BE may contain specific usage guidelines that differ from those contained within these Guidelines, and in such case you should follow those specific guidelines provided within such license agreement. If you are a licensee, but have been provided no special guidelines, then follow these Guidelines.

Prohibited Use

  • Do not modify or alter the Company Marks. This includes altering their color or aspect ratio or adding/removing tag lines from provided assets.
  • You may not use the Company Marks in a manner that might lead to confusion with other companies or products.
  • You may not use the Company Marks or potentially confusing variations in your product names, Internet domain names, or social media accounts.

Web Site

The official Web URL for BE is Although the company may control and use other domain names from time to time, this is the primary URL for the company and should be the only one referenced in public communications.




In addition to its core trademarks, Beyond Imagination, Inc. has established specific names for the most important features of its products. This section provides a glossary of these terms and explains how they are typically used.



Beomni is one of the world’s most sophisticated general-purpose humanoid robots.


The word is a noun used to describe the robot itself and is typically used without qualifiers, e.g., “Beomni can do xxx” or “Beomni incorporates AI technologies.”


“Beomni is one of the world’s most sophisticated general-purpose humanoid robots. Its AI Brain evolves from human-piloted to fully autonomous operation over time.”


Beomni is gender-neutral. In general, we try to avoid the use of gendered pronouns when referring to the robot. Thus, “Beomni looked around and then he picked up the drill” is better said as “Beomni looked around and picked up the drill.”

Do Not

Do not use the word in all uppercase (“BEOMNI”) or in camel-case (“BeOmni”). Avoid using the word “avatar” in conjunction with references to Beomni.

AI Brain


Beomni’s AI Brain is made up of multiple “lobes”, each specializing in a particular type of skill. Together, these individual skill sets combine to produce increasingly sophisticated behaviors.


“Beomni’s AI Brain evolves over time as it learns by observing its human pilots.”


“We are building an AI Brain that’s structured differently from most top-level robot AI approaches. Our task-oriented, bottom-up approach consists of a suite of AI components that work like the lobes in your brain, driven by an Experiential Learning process that begins with concrete actions led by the human pilot, followed by three machine-learning stages of progressive, guided evolution. The robot can evolve to semi-autonomous and then fully autonomous functions on a task-by-task basis. Equally important, because our AI is highly task-focused, we intend to establish clear safety and reliability standards at each step of its development.”

Do Not

Do not imply that the AI Brain is sentient or otherwise able to initiate tasks solely through its own initiative.

Do Not

Do not imply that we are creating fully general AI.



Able to operate semi-independently for a given period of time.


Autonomous behavior is one of the advanced stages of Beomni operation, starting with simple semi-autonomous operations and progressing to fully autonomous operation overseen by a human.


“Our robots are equipped with a cloud-based ‘AI Brain’ capable of autonomous behavior based on cross-learning, data processing, and continuous functionality upgrades. The AI Brain has multiple AI ‘lobes’ which, like the lobes of a human brain, each specializing in a particular skill or class of skills.”

Kloor Cycle


The Kloor Cycle is our term for the four-stage process of Experiential Autonomous Learning within Beomni’s “AI Brain”, inspired by Kolb’s Learning Cycles.

Technical Explanation

The Kloor Cycle proceeds from Active AI Experimentation into Concrete AI and Labeled Learning, then moves into Synthetic Reflective Observation and finally Abstract Conceptualization through Machine Learning before starting the cycle again.


“The AI Brain evolves via the human pilot of physical Beomni as well as via digital twins (virtual versions of Beomni that mirror form and function). H.I.L. (human in the loop) learning is similar to the process used by Tesla to obtain data to train its driving AI engine. Our process is different in that we take our data and run it through an experiential learning process that is adapted from Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle, which we call the Kloor Cycle.”

Cloud Platform


The Beyond Imagination Cloud Platform is a full-featured online system designed to support the operation, management, scheduling, and maintenance of Beomni and other third-party robotics systems. This proprietary system is designed, managed, and maintained by Beyond Imagination, Inc.


When referring to Beyond’s service offerings, the first mention of the platform should use its full name, “Beyond Imagination Cloud Platform”. Thereafter, the word “Platform” or words “Cloud Platform” can be used by themselves. For example: “Users can create accounts via the Beyond Imagination Cloud Platform and then use the Platform to schedule their use of robot resources.”

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Beyond Imagination, Inc?

Beyond Imagination, Inc. is a robotics and AI platform company that is focused on bringing humanoid robots to market rapidly. By partnering a human pilot with an evolving AI Brain, we will soon be able to deploy our Beomni Robotics platform across a wide range of commercial applications. Our practical, real-world approach is closer to that of Tesla, which released its vehicles and then built AI from the data that they collected, rather than that of other companies that are focused in narrow R&D domains.

Founded by leading innovators in AI and robotics, and strengthened by a solid patent portfolio, Beyond Imagination, Inc. is poised to revolutionize life and fundamentally change the way we work, travel, and engage with others around the world.

Who founded the company?

Our Founders are a “who’s who” of leaders and innovators. The company has achieved its success through its superlative technology teams, highly successful executives and board members, and a dream team of founders consisting of renowned luminaries in business and technology. Dr. Harry Kloor co-founded the company with Ray Kurzweil, Tony Robbins, Dean Kamen, Paul Jacobs, Anousheh Ansari, Neil Jacobstein, Andrew Nikou, and Dr. Robert Hariri. With their broad expertise in AI (Kurzweil, Jacobstein), robotics (Kamen), entrepreneurship (Robbins), medicine (Hariri), and more, we are confident that we can address our selected markets and deliver world-class solutions.

Advance Orders

Can I order Beomni today?

Yes, we are taking advance orders from government and enterprise users who have specific requirements. From those advance orders, we will be building in additional features and training Beomni’s AI Brain to support such users.


What is Beomni?

Beomni is one of the world’s most sophisticated general-purpose humanoid robots. It operates as a human-AI partnership, with AI initially assisting/learning from a human pilot. Its AI Brain evolves from human-piloted to fully autonomous operation over time. But Beomni is not just a robot. By connecting to our Cloud Platform, users can download custom AI Brain functionality, schedule Beomni’s time, rent or lease the robot, advertise their services and even arrange for maintenance.

What is it able to do?

Beomni is one of the most sophisticated general-purpose humanoid robots ever built. It is designed to have almost limitless applications, ranging from custom manufacturing to health care to equipment maintenance, to name a few. With its AI Brain, Beomni learns from its human pilots and constantly refines its abilities over time. To see more examples of what Beomni can do, visit our Web site at

What makes you different from the many who have failed before you?      

This is a great question. Our founder, Dr. Harry Kloor, has been working on the vision of Beomni for decades and has enlisted an amazing team of advisors, partners, investors, and team members to bring his vision to life. Dr. Kloor’s focus on creating practical, usable, real-world robots is second to none in the industry, and the team is excited to see how quickly progress is being made and how many applications are presenting themselves. One key difference is that we have focused on building our humanoid robots for real-world work applications and not walking mobility research.

What is this Cloud Platform?

The Beyond Imagination Cloud Platform is a full-featured online system designed to support the operation, management, scheduling, and maintenance of Beomni and other third-party robotics systems. This proprietary system is designed, managed, and maintained by Beyond Imagination, Inc. Similar to the way in which Apple connects users with solutions via their App Store, our Cloud Platform connects Beomni with a wide range of robotics solutions.

Is my information safe in your Cloud?

Yes. Our team has very deep expertise in the creation of reliable, secure cloud-based systems, literally going back decades. Our in-house experts on computer security and identity verification have designed all of our systems to be architected from the start with security in mind and are personally involved in the design and implementation of the actual systems. Core databases will be siloed and protected by multiple layers of security. Trust is a critical component of our ecosystem, and we are committed to a long-term focus on building and maintaining trust with all parties using our systems.

How do I know that the person operating Beomni is who they say they are?

Beomni will employ an authentication layer that uses cryptographic techniques to verify the identity of each robot and the robot to verify the identity of the cloud services, ensuring bidirectional trust in all communications.

Furthermore, an authorization layer based on contracts and self-sovereign identity will ensure the security of the users by using state-of-the-art blockchain services to validate the identity of any user, resource, or service that has privileges to operate in the system framework. Multiple levels of verification will be used throughout the software infrastructure.

Can I change Beomni’s skin?

Yes. Beomni can be skinned in many different ways; we will be happy to share concept visualizations and discuss specific customized skins and shells for specific customers.


Does Beomni operate independently?

No. Beomni is piloted by a human, using standard virtual reality equipment, and can perform tasks learned by its AI Brain to augment and extend the human’s capabilities. Through our four-stage Experiential Learning approach, Beomni will gradually become partially and then fully autonomous, under the supervision of a human.

Can I control it with my VR system?

Yes. Beomni is designed to be operated via standard Virtual Reality hardware controllers and computers, so it’s usually quite easy to set up and use the robot with most modern tools. We do recommend gloves rather than hand controllers since they afford superior control for fine motor tasks.

Will I experience vertigo?

No. We have spent a lot of time and effort designing a system that is extremely easy to learn and operate. Beomni’s natural controls are so simple to learn that using the robot quickly becomes second nature. And we have spent significant effort to ensure that the visuals do not induce discomfort, even after hours of use.

Will future versions of Beomni be able to display actual faces?

Yes. We are working on prototypes for future versions.

Beomni™ is a trademark of Beyond Imagination, Inc.  All other marks are the property of their respective owners.