Dr. Harry Kloor

CEO, CCO, President, Founder

Ray Kurzweil

Chief Engineer Google, Futurist, Author, Influencer

Neil Jacobstein

AI & Robotics Chair, Singularity University

Tony Robbins

Life Coach and Author

Dean Kamen

Founder DEKA/First Inventor, Engineer

Paul Jacobs

Former CEO Qualcomm

Jim Gianopulos

Former CEO of Fox and Paramount Pictures

Skip Brittenham

Top Rated Super Attorney

Andrew Nikou

Founder/CEO of OpenGate Capital

Dr. Robert Hariri

CEO and Founder of Celularity

Dr. Anousheh Ansari

Founder of Prodea Systems, First Private Female Astronaut

Management Team

Dr. Harry Kloor

CEO, CCO, President, Founder

John Best


William Fisher


Stewart Coulter

Chief Robotics Officer

Ray Kurzweil

Chief AI Officer

Jim Gianopulos

Executive Chief Consultant to CEO

Michael Ward

Chief Design Officer

Rayna Papali

Vice President of Planning and Metaverse

Melissa Showen

Vice President of Marketing and Operations

Amy Collen

Graphic Arts Director

Madison Boroff

Social Media Manager

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