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Beomni™ has an Omni-Purpose AI Brain that evolves to enable it do a limitless number of tasks.

Beomni is operated by humans assisted by an AI Brain. With scale, and commercial use, the platform will transition from a human pilot to full autonomy.

Go Beyond Your Body

Imagine being at work globally without having to commute.


Beyond Imagination (BE) is reinventing the world’s workforce, creating a future where everyone can have a prosperous, healthy, productive, happy life. A world where every individual has access to great services, high paying jobs, and excellent health care. A world where distance is no longer an obstacle.



Peter Diamandis

“Harry is a brilliant CEO, driven by his vision and passion, with the right combination of leadership, inventiveness, tenacity, and vision to force reality to his will in order to bring world-changing products to market.”

Tony Robbins

“With the completion of Beomni 1.0, Beyond Imagination has exceeded my expectations, and each month they continue to exponentially accelerate toward a commercial product line that will transform the quality of healthcare globally.”

Ray Kurzweil

“I was really blown away by Beomni 1.0. The progress has been amazing, far more than I expected, and far more than anyone else has ever done.”

Dean Kamen

“We're excited to see Beyond’s progress accelerating this year and expect it to continue toward commercialization.”

Dr. Robert Hariri, M.D., Ph.D.

“Robots like Beomni can play a critical role in improving the scale, quality and economics of the manufacturing of cellular and biomaterial products.”

Robots in Bio Medical lab

Dr. David Wensel

“Every day, personnel shortages negatively influence my medical practice. With the Beomni platform, it will be possible to deliver better care, more quickly, to more locations, enabling our practice to more efficiently serve our patients.”

Dr. Babak Kateb

“Dr. Harry Kloor’s keynote on Beomni and its AI platform was very well received by leading scientists and policymakers at the 8th Annual Neuroscience20/N20 part of the G20 summit (October 2021). It is clear to all of us that Beyonds AI-Brain and Robotic systems such as Beomni will provide critical care for patients with disabilities, allow robots to do precision guided laboratory testing and examinations otherwise too dangerous and full of errors for humans, and enable complex tasks to be done in a very precise, effective, timely and costly approach even during pandemics and 24/7.”

Sir Richard Taylor

“What Beyond Imagination has achieved over the past year – and in the middle of a global pandemic – is nothing short of amazing.”


Healthcare Industry
Robotic Healthcare
Healthcare Industry

Beyond Home Health

Healthcare Industry
Healthcare Industry

Beyond Remobilization

Robotic Farming

Farm To Table

Work Remotely
Robotic Worker
Work Remotely

Dangerous and Dirty Jobs


Cold Logistics

Being There
Robotic Avatar Travel
Being There

Instant Travel


School Safety


Housekeeping Services

Beyond Earth
Beyond Earth

Habitat Construction

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