The Manpower of Tomorrow Will Be Driven By Our AI

Beomni AI™

We are proud to introduce BEOMNI™ AI – a revolutionary AI brain that can learn to perform any physical labor, from skilled tasks like those of doctors and nurses to unskilled labor in manufacturing, logistics, construction, hospitality, retail and beyond.

High Level Learning

Beomni AI is a powerful AI brain that can power humanoid robots and other robotic systems and learns tasks just like the human brain. Our cutting-edge technology allows Beomni AI to transform physical labor by learning tasks over time, first mastering individual tasks and eventually learning entire professions.

AI Brain

Join us on this groundbreaking journey as we revolutionize the way physical labor is performed. Our cutting-edge AI brain is now ready to be put to work. To showcase its immense potential, we have built a super-advanced humanoid robot powered by Beomni AI. This robot handles manual and skilled-labor tasks with unparalleled skill, precision, and repeatability.

10 KEY Features of our Beomni AI Brain

Sensing: Beomni AI, acting through our robots, can sense its environment and react to changes in real-time in order to perform physical tasks.

Haptic Communication: Beomni AI can react to haptic feedback it receives through sensors such as those in robotic hands that replicate the sense of touch. This will advance its ability to perform delicate tasks and work with humans.

Object Recognition: Beomni AI can recognize objects and tools needed for a specific task and pick them up with precision. It is also developing a sense of self, so it can distinguish its hand from the object its grasping.

Navigation: Beomni AI can navigate through complex environments, including obstacle avoidance and path planning.

Safety: Beomni AI can perform physical tasks safely and follow established protocols to prevent accidents.

Learning by Observation: Beomni AI can learn a physical task via VR operation by a human skilled in that task. We also working with CMU to train it by observing a human performing tasks, which accelerates the learning process.

Planning/Scheduling: Beomni AI can plan and schedule physical tasks based on priorities and available resources.

Multi-Tasking: Beomni AI can perform multiple physical tasks simultaneously, increasing efficiency and productivity. If a task requires only one hand, it can perform two of these. If we add more arms, it scales even further.

Quality Control: Beomni AI can monitor and ensure the quality of the physical work it’s performing.

Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil, Founder and Investor / Chief AI Officer, provides an assessment of Beyond Imagination's AI Brain and its robotic platform.

Ray Kurzweil is a renowned inventor, entrepreneur, and futurist dubbed “the restless genius” by the Wall Street Journal and “the ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes. As one of the leading inventors of our time, he has made significant contributions to artificial intelligence, machine learning, speech recognition, and music synthesizers.

Two Years of Training Beomni AI

Beomni AI Is To Work What ChatGPT Is To Written Content

Beomni Market Opportunities

Market Potential Limited Only By Your Imagination

To train and test our AI Brain, we built and tested what others still dream about – a fully functioning general-purpose Humanoid Robot (the Beomni Robot)

Beomni AI can be trained to use any human tool, and through our robot, can learn virtually any
task from a human skilled in that task. Beomni AI is an infinitely scalable source of manpower that can decline in cost each year. It works with our robots and others in the future

Beomni can perform daily tasks, from boring manual labor jobs and dangerous work to skilled-labor jobs like elder care, nursing, and even work in surgical rooms.

Management Team

Harry Kloor
Founder and CEO
Founded Beyond Imagination in 2018 and is a successful serial entrepreneur, inventor, scientist, technologist, educator, policy advisor, author, and Hollywood filmmaker. Has worked with a large number of scientific organizations, universities, and companies to advance exponential technologies ranging from robotics, holographic capture, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, deep machine learning, sensor networks, IOT, and more. Recently exited from Stem CC, a company he co-founded.
Ray Kurzweil
Head of AI
Co-Founder of Beyond Imagination alongside Dr. Harry Kloor. Worked with Larry Page on natural language processing at Google, and received a Grammy in 2015 for his technical and creative accomplishments. Consistently seen as a thought leader through his books and appearances, with extensive knowledge in optical character recognition, text-to speech synthesis, speech recognition and artificial intelligence.
William Fisher
Currently serves as Beyond Imagination’s COO and maintains an active role guiding the company’s projects and operations. Has experience across a wide variety of industries from commercial software, gaming, military and custom electronics, specializing in delivering robust, secure and reliable commercial products. Previously worked at Mattel and has developed AI simulation projects and logistics training software for the US Army and other armed forces around the world. Focusing now on the Beomni Cloud Platform.
Michael David Ward
Head of Design

Michael David Ward is a renowned American artist and designer known for his distinctive style that blends elements of surrealism and futurism. He has been recognized for his futuristic design, space art, and Star Trek-themed pieces, having officially created artwork for the franchise. Besides his contributions to the realm of pop culture, Ward also excelled in various art genres, including portraiture, landscapes, and abstract expressionism.

Stewart Coulter

Stewart Coulter has vast experience in creatively combining elements of mechanical, electrical, and computer science to craft excitingly unique robots .

David Park
Chief Strategy and Investment Officer

David Park is the Chief Strategy and Investment Officer at Beyond Imagination. Prior to joining, Dave was a Managing Director at Tiger Asia Capital Management/Archegos Capital Management. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, with a dual major in Finance and Real Estate, and a BS from the University of Michigan with Honors and High Distinction and Phi Beta Kappa in Microbiology. 

Rayna Papali

Rayna Papali is President and founding executive of Beyond Imagination. Prior to joining Beyond, Rayna worked as an engineer and as a VR systems manager for a VR startup in 2016.

Rayna Papali is an Industrial and manufacturing engineer with more than 20 years of experience, including working for Boeing on the 777-redesign team.

John Gumboc
Head of Software Development

John Gumboc is a multifaceted professional with an impressive background in both technology and finance, whose career dates back to 1986. His diverse experience and vast knowledge base have made him an instrumental figure in the sectors he has worked in.  John commenced his professional journey in the technology sector with Rogers Communications, Canada's largest communications company. His initial engagement in the tech industry gave him an edge.

Executive Advisors and Advisory Board