Beyond Imagination (BE) is reinventing the world’s workforce, creating a future where everyone can have a prosperous, healthy, productive, happy life. A world where every individual has access to great services, high-paying jobs, and excellent health care. A world where distance is no longer an obstacle. With the completion of its latest BEOMNI, Beyond Imagination has created the most sophisticated general-purpose humanoid robotic system on the planet.

BEOMNI 1.0 is the world’s first fully functional general-purpose robotic system, enabling remote work at a high level of fidelity to be done from around the globe. Possessing a  humanlike waist, head, shoulders, arms, and hands with opposable thumbs, BEOMNI  operators can perform fine tasks ranging from picking up a pinch of salt when cooking to lifting up to 35 lbs. of weight per arm.


More than just an avatar, BEOMNI evolves over time from human-piloted to fully autonomous operation.


BEOMNI  will operate in a limitless number of verticals from medical and complex fine motor control manufacturing tasks to working in agriculture,  logistics, and eventually space construction.  Capable of operating for four hours (and soon for eight) on its rechargeable batteries,  BEOMNI is highly mobile—it goes where you need it to go, even if that requires traveling down and over curbs, or through snow, sand,  and mud.  


Dr. Harry Kloor

Chief Executive Officer

Ray Kurzweil

Chief Engineer Google, Futurist, Author, Influencer

Executive Founding Advisors

Neil Jacobstein

AI & Robotics Chair, Singularity University

Tony Robbins

Life Coach and Author

Dean Kamen

Founder DEKA/First Inventor, Engineer

Paul Jacobs

Former CEO Qualcomm

Jim Gianopulos

Former CEO of Fox and Paramount Pictures

Skip Brittenham

Top Rated Super Attorney

Andrew Nikou

Founder/CEO of OpenGate Capital

Dr. Robert Hariri

CEO and Founder of Celularity

Dr. Babak Kateb

Chairman/CEO, Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics

Management/Technology Leadership Team

Dr. Harry Kloor

Chief Executive Officer

John Best

Chief Information Officer

William Fisher

Chief Operations Officer

Stewart Coulter

Chief Robotics Officer

Ray Kurzweil

Chief AI Officer

Jim Gianopulos

Executive Chief Consultant to CEO

Michael Ward

Chief Design Officer

David Park

Chief Strategy and Investment Officer

Core Resources

Rayna Papali

Planning and Metaverse

Amy Collen

Graphic Arts Director


Early in the morning on a spring day in 1963, Harry Kloor was born. When the doctors held him up for the first time, they were surprised to see that his legs were quite literally backward. As they handed little Harry to his mother, Mary Kloor, they told her the bad news. Harry had been born crippled and would likely not be able to walk at all or at absolute best, be forced to walk with braces for the rest of his life. Fortunately for Harry, his mother was not the sort of person to take that information lying down. From day one she never gave up on him and pursued all avenues of treatment. Ultimately Mary’s tenacity paid off and Harry’s legs were corrected so successfully that he would eventually become a martial arts master.


However, this journey took time and effort. During these difficult younger years, while Harry’s mobility was still limited, he would dream of ways to leave his body and inhabit a robotic body so that he could do the things he wanted to do. Since his mother was a science fiction author, it was no surprise that Harry loved the famous robots of the genre. In them, he saw an opportunity to increase his own mobility and ultimately set himself free from the body that was holding him back.


Eventually, Harry grew up and became an accomplished scientist, writer, roboticist, and physicist, as well as the only person to ever earn two doctorates at the same time in two distinct disciplines. Throughout his life, his childhood vision of creating a robotic presence that he could inhabit was never far from his thoughts. A robot like that not only could have solved Harry’s problems as a child, but it could solve many of the world’s problems. The seeds of his vision would eventually evolve into a world-class robotics company that Harry, now Dr. Kloor, would call Beyond Imagination.  His robotic creation, Beomni, would come to life shortly thereafter.  


Dr. Kloor has dedicated his life to helping people overcome their hardships, creating jobs where there are none, and quite literally helping humankind go where no man has ever gone before.

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