About Dreamtech:

Founded in 1998, the Company engages in the design and manufacturing of modular / finished solutions for mobile, medical devices, and robots. Working closely with customers from the product development phase, the Company develops customized modules that satisfy the customers’ functional needs while meeting necessary cost requirements. Its major products include integrated printed board assembly (“PBA”), fingerprint sensor modules, core modules for robotics, and smart medical devices.


The Company is a Tier 1 Samsung Electronics vendor with a high share of wallet and provides key modules for Samsung’s mobile, smart watch and tablet models including Galaxy S and Z (Foldable) series.


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About Cobotic Surgical: 

Cobotic Surgical is a MedTech collaborative humanoid robotics company that aims to empower healthcare professionals with the world’s first niche general-purpose humanoid, an AI driven collaborative robot (cobot), intuitively designed with the goal of reimagining the perioperative workforce and creating a future where humans and cobots align and coexist, performing complex tasks in highly efficient, safe, and productive healthcare environments to enhance surgical efficiency, improve patient care, and reduce healthcare labor costs.


Dr. Martin Roche, MD, one of the founders of Cobotic Surgical, is the Director of Arthroplasty at HSS Florida. He was the lead designing surgeon of MAKO Surgical, which drove the disruption of robotic assisted joint replacement surgery. As a practicing orthopedic surgeon, he recognized the need for transforming robotic applications to Intelligent Collaborative Robots. Working with teaching hospitals and community hospitals, CSI is focused on addressing the various stakeholders needs in the evolving healthcare labor landscape.


Cobotic Surgical in collaboration with Beyond Imagination, and working with leaders in the perioperative hospital and ambulatory facilities, will launch its initial pilot with human controlled Cobots to improve surgical efficiencies and safety through multiple task applications. Real-time data integration and seamless communication, will enable a coordinated approach to the complexity of patient care. The future development of automation will allow rapid scalability as all cobots will share the same Beomni-powered AI Brain.